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Firm News

May 11, 2021

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LPHS Team Secures Victory for Pro Bono Client

Over the past few years, LPHS has taken on a number of pro bono matters in partnership with Advocates for Community Transformation. ACT is a Dallas-based non-profit that identifies neighborhoods suffering from high crime rates; partners with residents of those neighborhoods; identifies properties with illegal activity; and connects a resident with a volunteer law firm to help prosecute a nuisance claim.

Our latest engagement with ACT resulted in an incredible victory. In this case, LPHS represented residents of a South Dallas community dealing with overwhelming criminal activity stemming from just a few tenants at a single house in their neighborhood. Over just the last year, these tenants brought to the neighborhood (among other things) drive-by shootings, daylight drug deals, rampant gambling, violent disturbances, and (to top it off) dangerous pit bulls. Our clients felt unsafe just walking down the street or allowing their children to play in their own yards. It got so bad that one client decided to sleep in another home until the situation was resolved.

Together with ACT, associates Holly Stubbs, Joshua Lang and Clint Cowan worked to evict these tenants and restore peace to the neighborhood. Holly and Josh drafted several demand letters to the homeowner, insisting that she evict the tenants because they had become a public nuisance. Holly spent time building a strong relationship with the clients and ultimately with the owner. As a result, Holly was able to convince the owner to evict the tenants and sell the home without having to file a nuisance lawsuit. With the tenants evicted, the owner has now agreed to sell the home to a retired police officer. As you might imagine, the clients are ecstatic because their street is a safe again. The client who moved has not only returned to her house but has started gardening in her front yard again.