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Dec 8, 2023

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Fox 4, CBS 11, NBC 5: David Coale Delivers Analysis on Texas Supreme Court's Abortion Ban Legal Challenge

LPHS attorney David Coale provided insights for multiple media outlets into the Texas Supreme Court's ruling in the abortion case involving 31-year-old Kate Cox. Ms. Cox was the first person to seek an abortion through the state courts in more than 50 years. After failing to secure the court's permission for an abortion, Cox opted to leave the state to undergo the procedure. David noted that the Cox case and the pending matter involving 20 plaintiffs revolve around the scope and definition of “medical exceptions” found in the state law.

"Trying to match up those [medical] exceptions with sort of the reality of medical practice is challenging." Mr. Coale explained to Fox 4.

For more information, visit Fox 4. Mr. Coale has also been featured in previous coverage on the case as seen in CBS Texas and NBC 5.