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Yahoo! News,, KDFW FOX 4 Dallas, KTVT CBS 11 Dallas, PNS

Mar 18, 2024

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LPHS David Coale Comments on Texas’ S.B. 4 Legal Limbo Amid Pending Court Decisions

Following a decision by a federal appeals court on Tuesday night to halt a Texas law permitting the arrest of individuals suspected of unlawfully crossing the Texas-Mexico border, the U.S. Supreme Court's earlier decision allowing the law to take effect was put on hold. If upheld, this legislation could afford states considerable autonomy in shaping their immigration policies. LPHS partner David Coale provided insights and analysis regarding the evolving legal dispute in multiple interviews with media outlets that included Yahoo! News,, Fox 4, and CBS 11.

"I think that Texas will want to make some very high-profile moves under this statute," Mr. Coale said in an interview with Public News Service. "But they also don't want to potentially expose themselves to massive civil rights liability if it turns out they're wrong."