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BOSS Magazine

Feb 9, 2023

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Krabill, Pinker Interviewed on Why Storytelling Is Important in Trial Law

The courtroom success of LPHS attorneys Kent Krabill and Eric Pinker illustrate that the art of storytelling is essential for any trial lawyer. In a recent interview in Boss Magazine, the two discuss how an effective narrative at trial can form a connection with a jury, create context and sway opinions. “You have two sides who see the world in very different ways. So, what do we do? We tell stories,” Kent says in the article. “They tell their story using the evidence the best way they can, and we tell our story using the evidence the best way we can.” He also credits Eric and firm cofounder Mike Lynn for instituting, preserving, and promoting the firm’s prime directive: Every case should be trial-ready, whether it makes it to a court or not.

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