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KTBC FOX 7 Austin, KXAS NBC 5 Dallas

Jan 23, 2024

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David Coale Provides Analysis on Border Disputes for Broadcast Outlets

LPHS Attorney David Coale has recently offered comments on the constitutional disputes surrounding immigration on the Texas border for several media outlets. For Fox 7 in Austin, he discussed Gov. Abbott’s defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to remove state-installed razor wire:

"A question in every other case after this is going to be is our situation like the fence? Is it more like the fence or less like the fence? The more you can analogize it to a fence, the more likely it is that the reasoning behind this order is what will control that situation and that's going to be the challenge for lawyers on both sides.”

For NBC 5 in Dallas, he reacted to the introduction of state legislation that would allow Texas to autonomously secure the southern border and seek federal reimbursement:

"By and large, the Biden administration has been successful in court, arguing that Texas' more aggressive efforts to enforce border security run afoul of federal preemption; they go into areas that are exclusively federal in our government that states can't go into," Mr. Coale explained.