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Our appellate practice is led by David Coale, a former chair of the State Bar of Texas appellate section and one of the state’s most respected appellate lawyers, supported by a deep bench of former federal circuit clerks. LPHS provides innovative, efficient and excellent appellate advocacy in all stages of litigation.

Many appellate practices, especially at large firms, involve reinventing the wheel with extensive online searches by teams of inexperienced attorneys. Of course, legal research is the lifeblood of appellate practice, but our goal at LPHS is to have already thought about your issue before hiring us.

Toward that end, we publish three blogs that analyze every significant business case decided by the Dallas Court of Appeals (600 COMMERCE), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (600 CAMP), and the Texas Supreme Court (600 HEMPHILL). They have won over a hundred awards from the Texas Bar for a Top Ten Blog Post of the Week, received national recognition in Law360 and LexisNexis, and allowed our lawyers to present dozens of influential articles, speeches and television interviews.

  • Reversal, on personal jurisdiction grounds, of a bellwether case asserting federal securities claims in state court. Turner v. Macomb County Employees’ Retirement System, No. 05-19-01177-CV (Tex. App.—Dallas Jan. 21, 2020, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Reversal of an adverse bet-the-business judgment against a short-line railroad in the Texas Panhandle. BNSF Railway v. Panhandle Northern R.R., 946 F.3d 705 (5th Cir. 2020).
  • Assisted with affirmance of judgment for the defendants in a Dallas-based MDL. In re: IntraMTA Switched Access Charges Litig., 2020 WL 2846546 (5th Cir. May 27, 2020).
  • Substantial affirmance of a multimillion-dollar judgment in an oil and gas case. Stephens v. Three Finger Black Shale P’ship, No. 11-16-00177-CV (Tex. App.—Eastland Dec. 31, 2018, pets. filed).
  • Reversal of a summary judgment in a major tire failure case. Medina v. Michelin, No. 05-16-00794-CV (Tex. App.—Dallas Jan. 29, 2018, no pet.); recognized as Appellate Lawyer of the Week by Texas Lawyer for this win.
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