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Jan 31, 2024

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Patton, Correa Offer Lessons for Attorneys in Beatles Breakup

More than 50 years later, the breakup of the Beatles still offers meaningful guidance for attorneys facing contentious contractual disputes. The firm’s Chris Patton and Andres Correa recently presented “The Long & Winding Road—Lessons from Litigating the Beatles’ Partnership Dissolution” in a Continuing Legal Education session for the State Bar of Texas Corporate Counsel Section. The attorneys explored how the countless theories of band’s demise often ignore the contractual morass The Beatles faced in the wake of their long-time manager’s unexpected death. These problematic contracts coupled with the group’s interpersonal disharmony led to a 1971 lawsuit in which Paul McCartney sued his bandmates, seeking to dissolve the group’s partnership agreement. The presentation covered the problematic nature of this partnership as well as the strategic choices in this hotly contested litigation.