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Jun 14, 2023

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LPHS Partner Mary Nix Discusses UT Southwestern Discrimination Lawsuit with D Magazine

In a recent interview with D Magazine, LPHS Partner Mary Goodrich Nix discussed a recent settlement between longtime UT Southwestern professor Dr. Ellen Vitetta and the school over claims of age and sex discrimination, retaliation, and a troubling work environment. The case went to trial in October 2022 and a settlement was announced several months later.

"I think the judge got it right allowing the matter to proceed to trial," says Nix. "Dr. Vitetta didn’t want to retire; she wanted to complete her mission. UTSW appeared to want her to move on and retire and didn't value her mission the way she and others did." The biggest turning point in the lawsuit occurred when a male executive was willing to step out and speak the truth of what he was seeing about the stark difference in how Dr. Vitetta was being treated compared to others. He spoke up on behalf of Dr. Vitetta while most other male executives were taking the opposite side,” Nix says. “It was brave and courageous and the right thing to do.”

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