Testimonials about Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst

Alcatel USA, Inc.

“As Alcatel’s General Counsel, I have engaged many trial lawyers. Mike Lynn and Eric Pinker of Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst are among the best at what they do that I have ever seen. They relate complex issues in antitrust and trade secret cases to juries in a manner that makes them clearly understood.”

- George Brunt, Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel

American General Finance

“Mike Lynn and Eric Pinker assumed the leadership for us in a tough case in the deep South just 65 days before trial ... Mike is creative, intuitive, and hard-as-nails. Eric is bright, focused and possesses a wonderful intellect. While under intense pressure, they performed as a seamless team without losing their focus or their nerve.”

- Mary Deig, Associate General Counsel

Energy Transfer Partners

“A great firm is Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, a boutique litigation firm with phenomenal lawyers. They have handled matters for me, and I have been very involved in the workup of those cases. I have been very impressed by how creative they are, how they consider every strategic detail, and how they think about how to present issues to a jury. They are top-notch.”

- Tonja DeSloover, Head of Litigation

Fiserv, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of watching Mike Lynn work on my company’s behalf in a federal court case involving significant exposure for my company. Mike’s an incredibly skilled cross-examiner. Lawyers do make a difference and Mike Lynn’s work illustrated beautifully the lawyering ‘art’.”

- Charles Sprague, General Counsel

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

“Michael Hurst has handled numerous matters for us. He always has the end game in mind, while maintaining the integrity of Hunt, both inside and outside of the courtroom.”

- David Hernandez

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

“I have witnessed Michael Hurst’s incredible skill in court and rapport with judges and juries from summary judgment to jury selection through closing argument. His dedication to his clients and the community are tremendous.”

- Jill Meyer

Lifestyle Gourmet, Inc.

“Trey Cox is a proactive problem-solver, who goes the extra mile to ensure his clients get results and superior legal services.”

- Chuck Cotter, President & CEO

M. Myers Development

“Eric Pinker represented us with the highest degree of preparation and professional excellence from the selection of the jury through testimony, cross-examination, simplification of every complicated subject matter, summation, and the final questions that went to the jury.”

- Marvin Myers, President


“Eric Pinker has been my go-to litigator for over twelve years at three different companies, so when I arrived at Mannatech and found us in our first patent infringement lawsuit relating to our core technology it was an easy decision to bring Eric and his team in to take over the case. They quickly learned the technology, developed the case, and got it ready for trial. Throughout the discovery process they stayed one step ahead of the opposition, and at trial they were head and shoulders above them. Smart, hard-working, creative and great in front of the jury, the team at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst has never disappointed.”

- Keith Clark, General Counsel

Media Broker’s Inc.

“Over the last forty years, I have made a living off an eye for talent and lots of hard work. Trey Cox is one of my great discoveries - a lawyer whose talent is rivaled only by his work ethic. I have been through trial and even an appeal with Trey. Never once did he so much as pause in his relentless pursuit of our goals. Trey Cox knows how to fight and how to win. He is a permanent member of my team.”

- Charles Dunbar, Founder and President

Mesa Petroleum Corporation

“Not long ago a jury in the state district court in Pecos, Texas, awarded my firm more than $140 million for the misappropriation of interests we had in a west Texas oil field. This will be a long legal process, but it is one of the most significant legal wins I have had in more than six decades in the oil business. We had a great legal team that included Mike Lynn and his team of lawyers at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, his talented associate Andres Correa, and the firm’s appellate partner David Coale. Mike’s team was strategic and dogged in their pursuit of the truth. They were key elements of a seamless team that, in the end, scored a big win against some of the major powerhouse oil and gas firms in the state.”

- T. Boone Pickens

Navigant Consulting, Inc.

“Mike Lynn is one of the finest trial lawyers I have ever met. He repeatedly anticipated the other side’s arguments and turned them to our advantage, he is a brilliant cross-examiner, he has a flair for courtroom drama, and no one will ever out-work him and his superb team. Beyond this, he is an wise, decent and honest man. Mike somehow finds a way to get the very best from others -- the court, the jury, his own team, his witnesses, and even his clients. There is no one I would rather have on my side.”

- Philip P. Steptoe, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

PHNS, Inc.

“Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Eric Pinker, Britta Stanton and the rest of the Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst team, we emerged victorious after four long years of constant discovery/motions/battles and a brutal three week jury trial. Eric, Britta and their team provided incredible skill, dedication, preparation, street smarts, relentless hard work and a brilliant jury closing by Eric to help us win this important lawsuit. A previous legal battle got the same outstanding efforts from Mike Lynn, Eric, Britta and team, and another win. We only enter into legal battles with Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst on our side!”

- Rick Kneipper, Chief Administrative Officer & Co-Founder

Pickens Energy Corporation

“For nearly four years Eric Pinker and Mike Lynn were a part of our family. We were blessed to have such a strong team working with us. Eric’s mind is brilliant, and his memory is photographic. Mike’s experience and court room presence is unparalleled. We were most pleased however with their never wavering commitment to integrity, and their ability to keep us on the moral high ground. There is not a stronger and smarter firm in the country, nor a firm that I would feel more secure to represent my name and reputation.”

- Mike Pickens, Senior VP

Regus, PLC

“Eric Pinker and his team at LPCH represented us at trial in a complicated case involving many different accounts, business centers and services, and presented it in a way that was clear and compelling to the jury. Eric and his highly talented team were head and shoulders above the other attorneys at trial, and had full command of the facts and were able to present them quickly and clearly. Eric’s cross of the other side’s main witness demonstrated clearly that we were in the right, and helped get us results we were entitled to. They were insightful in preparing a robust case strategy that withstood repeated legal challenges throughout the case. Having worked with many law firms, I regard Eric and his team at LPCH to be head and shoulders above the rest.”

- Chris Hadfield, Group Sourcing Director

Resulte Universal

“Trey Cox has done an extremely effective job of representing our interests. They give 110% and we have the results to prove it.”

- Rex Kurzius, President

Riley Exploration, LLC

“Mike Lynn, Jeremy Fielding and their incredibly talented and energetic team took on an important and game changing case for us growing out of our exploration and development of a south Texas oil field. We were opposed in this case by a very powerful group. Stepping in at the last minute, they dug in and went to battle for me and my company. It was economic life and death. Their courtroom presence and control was phenomenal. They were not just presenters, they were performers. The jury listened intently and understood the complex issues presented and loved our team. Mike and Jeremy never took their foot off the gas until the case was settled. Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst is the top of the line legal team. I recommend them to anyone having complex business dispute, particularly in energy.”

- Bobby Riley

SB International Inc.

“Mike Lynn and his superb team took over a case in deep trouble deep in South Texas from another trial counsel. There was little if any time to come up to speed on this terribly complicated matter. Mike Lynn, Jeremy Fielding and Richard Smith were amazingly skilled, fought hard and fearlessly in the face of tremendous odds, were creative problem solvers, and demonstrated an extremely high degree of professional excellence in an effort to earn our confidence and turn the case around. We worked closely as a team and were always well informed. Above all, the friendship and respect developed in the course of our association, is what makes the difference as they provided both the legal talent and the wisdom necessary to resolve this matter. This team will strive relentlessly for the success of their clients and we can highly recommend them.”

- Satish Gupta, President & CEO

Southwest Airlines

“Mike Lynn and Richard Smith were honored as the team that represented Southwest Airlines in the Wright Amendment Antitrust case: “LTP&C is a lot like Southwest Airlines: 1. Its people work hard and have fun doing it. 2. Its people luv to win. 3. Its people strive to deliver outstanding customer service at a fair price. What’s not to like?”

- Ron Ricks, Executive Vice President for Law, Airports and Public Affairs

Stone Products, Inc.

“Trey Cox provided us with exceptional talent and knowledge in the courtroom ... His skills in Court were superior and translated into an outstanding victory for us at the end of the trial. Mr. Cox showed an instantaneous ability to adapt to every changing situation during our trial and we would eagerly pursue his expertise, whenever the opportunity arises. We could not be more pleased.”

- Greg Kuiper, President and CEO

The TCW Group

“When we were looking for litigation counsel in Texas a few years ago, I asked a General Counsel friend of mine for a recommendation. I told him I was looking for lawyers who could strategize, think (both on and off their feet), write, negotiate and stand up in a courtroom with confidence and persuasion - a firm that is dogged in the representation of its clients. He directed me to Mike Lynn and his firm and that’s where we went. After having had the experience of working close at hand with Mike in a sizable case that went from the court of first instance to the Texas Supreme Court, I can say that the recommendation I got was as good as described. I know who I will recommend when I get asked for a reference for litigation counsel in Texas.”

- Michael Cahill, Group Managing Director and General Counsel


“It is because of Mike Lynn’s initial creative thinking almost eight years ago, as well as the firm’s continuing creativity and dogged hard work, that we find ourselves as triumphant victors in what has clearly been the most hard-fought piece of litigation in the course of my career.”

- Steven Bennett, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Visa International

“I have had the privilege of working with Mike Lynn since the late 1980s. When it came to my attention that Visa International and Visa USA had a potential billion-dollars problem in Dallas, I immediately turned to Mike and his talented colleagues at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst. I participated with Mike at trial, and was once again impressed by his rapport and credibility with the jury. His surgical trial skills were complemented by the smooth delivery and analytical skills of his partner, Jeff Tillotson, and by the calm calculation of an up-and-coming star, J.R. Rodriguez. The issues were tough - a loss would have had immense ramifications for any company that conducts business over the Internet. In addition, Visa faced huge potential liability and the plaintiff was represented by formidable counsel. 100% commitment, coupled with consistently excellent results make Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst the obvious first line of defense for any corporate litigant.”

- Steve Zelinger, Vice President and Director of Litigation and Senior Counsel

Visa USA

“Mike Lynn and Jeff Tillotson thoroughly analyzed the facts, claims and defenses in one of the most dangerous cases I’ve faced on behalf of Visa USA in my twenty-one years as Director of Litigation. They then formulated and executed a winning strategy through trial, representing Visa with zeal and vigor every step of the way. To say the firm has earned my total confidence would be an understatement.”

- Stephen C. Theoharis, Senior Vice President and Director of Litigation