Partner Shonn Brown Hosts Student

Partner Shonn Brown Hosts Student "Trial Lawyer for a Day" at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst

Lamplighter Senior Jacob Staveteig recently became a lawyer for a day. Staveteig, whose family won "Trial Lawyer for a Day" at the 2016 school auction had the opportunity to shadow LPCH partner Shonn Brown. According to Brown, a Lamplighter parent, Staveteig was "very interested" and asked "great questions." The day included Staveteig meeting Brown at the office to help her prepare for a hearing. The two had lunch at the historic Belo Mansion - the home of the Dallas Bar Association. At the end of the day, Staveteig attended a hearing in the 68th District Court of Dallas County where Judge Martin Hoffman presides. Staveteig was able to see what the view is like from the bench. The full day allowed Staveteig to learn more about why we have courts, when someone would go to trial, and who would be there to defend them. Brown smiled, "The day was just as fun for me as it was for him!"