Britta Stanton Interviewed by KLIF-Radio on Pre-Trial Use of Jurors’ Social Media

A pre-trial review of a juror’s social media posts and habits can reveal bias against certain issues, inconsistencies in testimony or even a violation of court rules against discussing a case. Late last week a judge in a California federal case ruled that attorneys could search social media pages, but only after advance notice. In a live interview on KLIF radio, Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst partner Britta Stanton pointed out that courts take different views about allowing the practice. “Just as most anyone can look at what you post publicly on social media, when you’re called to report for jury duty the lawyers asking you questions might be researching your online persona,” she says. “If you’re concerned about that possibility you should consider changing your privacy settings before showing up at the courthouse.” To hear a report on the interview, click here.