Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox Completes Tough Mudder Challenge

Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox Completes Tough Mudder Challenge

On October 3rd, miles from Dallas in Seagoville, Texas, 21 team members from Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox wrangled and completed The Tough Mudder. The group boasted it was the largest law firm to participate in the event. 

The Tough Mudder describes itself as a team event that challenges the physical and mental strength of contestants. According to The Tough Mudder website, only 78% of participants complete the 10-mile long course with fear-inducing, military-style obstacles. The grueling race focuses more on teamwork than finishing times with most teams consisting of 5-10 members. 

The LTPC team included partners to paralegals to assistants along with their significant others and friends. The group signed up under the leadership of April Sandefur, Eric Pinker’s executive assistant. When founding partner, Mike Lynn, 65, returned in September after three months conquering the Appalachian Trail, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to build camaraderie with his company. In honor of Lynn, whose moniker is “Tinman” for his two titanium knees, the team entered the challenge as “Team Tinmen”. 

"I'm a proud mudder though humbled by how difficult it was. I could not have made it without my team’s help. What a wonderful and energetic group," said Mike Lynn. 

LTPC mirrored its success in the courtroom last Saturday as “Team Tinmen” when it displayed true teamwork, grit, and leadership.