LTPC Partner and Skilled Litigator Trey Cox Authors Two Books Aimed to Prepare Attorneys for Litigation Success

Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox partner and Board Certified Trial Advocate, Trey Cox, has recently authored two trial-based books published by the American Bar Journal and Texas Lawyer. Drawing on his vast courtroom experience and success, Trey offers readers an in-depth look at capturing the jury’s attention and recovering attorneys’ fees in Texas through these publications.

Trey’s most recent book, Winning The Jury's Attention: Presenting Evidence from Voir Dire to Closing, was published by the American Bar Association. This book takes readers inside the minds of jurors, beginning with the premise that today's jurors, consumed with their own demanding personal and professional lives, will not simply hand over their undivided attention to any lawyer standing in front of them. Attorneys must attract attention, not demand it, and Trey’s book is organized around seven basic principles of attention management designed to teach trial lawyers how to select themes that resonate, present factual concepts that stick and do so efficiently.
Trey has also co-authored a book published by Texas Lawyer with his colleague, Jason Dennis, entitled, How to Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Texas. Attorneys’ fees often play a critical role when deciding whether to file a lawsuit, as well as in whether to settle or try a case, and they can often exceed actual damages. Based on the critical nature of recovering these fees, Trey and Jason have put together an all-encompassing guide that details important pre-filing and pleading steps, proving fees at trial, necessary discovery, as well as practical examples, forms and checklists.
Both of these publications are currently available for purchase via the ABA and Texas Lawyer websites. For more information, or to purchase, How to Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Texasclick here. For more information, or to purchase, Winning the Jury’s Attention: Presenting from Voir Dire to Closingclick here.